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Welcome and thank you for visiting my site! I would like to introduce you to my FOCUS coaching method. This new approach to life Coaching will help you identify areas of discontent and motivate you to make change happen in your personal areas of FOCUS. I have been successfully coaching women for over 10 years and specialize in Life Balance, Life Transition and Career Clarification.

Areas of



Our Work Together





TOGETHER WE WILL start your transformation by exploring the FOCUS areas with questions, homework and plenty of deep inquiry on your part. We will use different techniques to uncover your desired path. Clients will sometimes describe themselves as feeling “stuck." Our work together will allow for growth and progress.  As we explore your FOCUS areas together, change will undoubtedly happen!

AS YOUR COACH, my job is to challenge you to be the very best version of yourself possible. Together, we will explore different perspectives and you will be encouraged to test out paradigm shifts in thinking.  As you progress on the path to your desired outcome, fears or roadblocks may surface. We work together to not only overcome these blocks but to honor their existence, understand their origin and create sustainable, transformational, and positive change in your FOCUS area. 

THE KEY TO ENGAGEMENT is in identifying your strengths and developing an action plan for implementing them into your life. As we move forward in the FOCUS coaching process, you will clarify your strengths and pull out those that you wish to further develop.  We will also work on goal setting in each FOCUS area that you have identified as needing change. Engaging with your coach will result in a deeper connection with yourself to help you to think more clearly and increase your motivation and passion for life.

TRANSFORMATIONAL FOCUS coaching results in the execution of your action plans. We have worked together to create your goals and establish your plans of action. You are committed, you have found your purpose and you are driven to achieve your desired vision. You have created your ideal life and you now get to live it, you are FOCUSED!


Client Satisfaction

Lori’s knowledge, compassion and professionalism have been an absolute critical step in my process towards achieving my goals and life purpose. I would recommend her services to anyone who desires direction, a sense of well being and achievement in their life. 

– Leann C., Bellevue, WA  

Lori has been very beneficial in helping me define what I want out of my next career. She has helped me narrow down my goals, set a plan of action, and encouraged my decisions. I now have a definite educational and career path that is both fulfilling and gratifying. Her direction has been instrumental to my personal success! 

– Sarah S., Redmond, WA

I have successfully used life coaching in the past, but Lori takes coaching to an entirely new level. Her pragmatism, positive energy and wealth of resources coupled with her finely-tuned intuition, listening skills and compassion make for a powerful combination that produces immediate results. She truly has a gift for inspiration and I consider myself fortunate to have found her. 

– Tara G., Redmond, WA.

I whole-heartedly recommend Lori and in fact, I carry her business card with me to share. Her guidance and reassurance have helped me through the most challenging time of my life. I feel so much more empowered and confident in my abilities and choices now, and contribute much of my successes, to our sessions. Lori’s presence in my life has been nothing short of amazing. 

– Courtenay B., Kirkland, WA

When I originally scheduled my sessions with Lori, I was seeking support as I transitioned from empty-nest-Mom to starting my dream business. As you can imagine, I was full of doubts, lacked direction and didn’t even know what to call myself. Lori so gently and smoothly coached me over 7 sessions to a new me that I wasn’t even aware it was happening. When I looked back at my notes, I realized how far I had come. I was now on my way to launching a website in a few weeks, I had paying clients and no longer asked myself “who am I to think I can do that?”.


I feel more confident and clear about my choices and my purpose. With goals and simple action steps, Lori had me magically moving mountains right underneath my own nose! I love how she helped me to identify my life and work values, as well as my skills and talents, and we used those as the foundation for every decision. Lori held me accountable by following up with emails and checking in on me, yet it was all done on my own terms. I am grateful for how far I have come in overcoming the fears and doubts. Lori will be the first person I call again for support when feeling “stuck" again.

- Tina K.

Following back surgery, I struggled to lose the 20 pounds I gained. Frustrated with my lack of self motivation, I shared my travails with Lori, a long time friend. I always thought that life coaches were more oriented toward career issues but was surprised that the same process could be used with weight loss. I was not optimistic, as I am 65 years old with some medical issues. With her help, I established short and long term goals and pinpointed weaknesses in motivation and accountability. I expressed to her my deep rooted feelings and concerns that have sabotaged prior weight loss attempts. She helped refine my workout routine, understood the medical issues, and had me view my weight loss in terms of how my clothes fit rather than always focusing on a scale. Lori provided me with numerous worksheets, books and other weight loss tools and resources.  She has become my biggest cheerleader! In 8 months, I have lost 16 pounds and I could not have achieved this without Lori’s profound encouragement and expertise.
-Anita N., Woodinville,WA


My Story

I'm an East Coast girl living on the West Coast. My husband and I have two, wonderful, college age kids and we're enjoying our empty nest time together. The nest may be empty but the kennel is not, two dogs keep us fully entertained as we enjoy our Pacific Northwest lifestyle together.

Prior to coaching, I've worked as a fitness professional and am a certified high school Biology teacher. I decided to work as a stay at home mom and raise my kids for 10 years but then wanted to do something meaningful. The coach certification program I found was a perfect fit for me and I've continued to learn and take courses in this exciting, growing field.

I'm so thrilled to be doing what I love. I've been coaching clients since '07 and have enjoyed many wonderful connections. More importantly, I've had the pleasure of helping my clients grow and move forward in their journeys to self improvement. 

Each of my focus areas are interconnected and you get to choose how and where you'd like to spend our time together. Whatever your objective in seeking a coach may be, coaching is a tool that is intended to serve you alone, the coach has no agenda or judgment. I think that's one of my favorite parts of being a coach, I suspend opinion and ask the powerful questions that challenge you to think outside the box and make decisions using new tools and fresh perspective.


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